Project Management Vs Self-Management

We all know a Bob the Builder and when asked “Can He Fix It?” the answer, sadly, is not always “Yes He Can”. All too often he certainly can’t and you may find yourself in a complete pickle.

So, if you are thinking of extending your home, re-modelling the interior layout or building your own property have you considered the idea of hiring a project manager instead of managing the build yourself?

Independent residential construction project management companies, such as Property Perfect Solutions Limited, are hard to come by. PPS was created by Louise Gallivan through her own personal experiences in dealing with multiple tradesmen and local building companies.

She found the pressure of unreliable builders, continuous questions, decision making and problem solving overwhelming, whilst also managing a home and a full-time job.  So she retrained in residential construction project management and building services to provide other busy homeowners the support and peace of mind they require through their extension or property re-modelling. (read more about us)

The need for an independent consultant to ensure that homeowners’ best interests are kept at the forefront of each project is important because it removes the stress of finding qualified tradesmen and eliminates the possibility of cowboy builders; keeping budgets and schedule on track.

Types of Tradesmen and Building Companies

  1. Some local builders are fair tradesmen if the required job is just maintenance related, then that is probably the correct way to go. If the work is more complex however, even small extensions to a property will require a different approach.Managing a building project, large or small requires a different set of skills. Smaller builders obtain some of them by the process of trial and error and sadly the people who pay for that (with poor, shoddy workmanship) is usually the customer.Local building companies tend to build their team from people met socially or “down the pub” and that means that the client does not always get the best or most experienced tradesmen available for their project.Pricing of the work tends to be hit-and-miss and believe it or not, cowboy builders are not fictitious – these people are out there with the sole intention to prey on and take advantage of people’s good nature.
  2. Larger contractors employ their own skilled project managers and pass the cost onto the client. They do a good job of managing a building project, but charge heavily for the service through their invoices.The overheads of larger companies are much greater than those of smaller firms and must be covered. This means that if you use a large contractor, you will be paying for a project manager, who wouldn’t be working for only you!Typically, teams of labourers used by larger companies usually comprise lower skilled people, as anyone commendable of a larger salary very often works as a self-employed sub-contractor, whereas using a less skilled labour force enables the larger building company to maximise their profits while using their management professionals to keep the workforce and build progressing.Unfortunately, this style of management is fraught with problems relating to motivation and quality control. The turnover of staff is normally high and as a result, quality of workmanship suffers.
  3. The next method on the list is to employ your own sub-contractors to carry out each individual section of the work. This is a more efficient technique of guaranteeing better quality; however, the earnings of sub-contractors are dependent on completing their work in the shortest possible time.  For this method to operate it requires a skilled manager to oversee the project.

Why employ a residential construction property manager?

Employing an independent and professional residential project management company like Property Perfect Solutions Limited is a far superior way to achieve the desired outcome. Project management is used widely in the commercial construction market, because it works. It delivers all the principal needs for a well-managed and cost effective building project.

Unlike other methods, a construction project manager:

  • Works solely for the client.
  • Has no other agenda other than the project.
  • Is experienced in construction matters.
  • Is experienced in modern management methods.
  • Operates for fixed fees tied to the level of service.

A local builder will rarely allow the client to determine how or when the works are carried out. Creating your own team of sub-contractors is acceptable if you have the necessary experience to make it work. It can however soon turn into a financial black hole if not managed correctly.

Both options are available when employing the services of Property Perfect Solutions Limited. Alternatively, a bespoke package could be proposed to suit your needs, so that the right support is there when you need it most.

Contact us to discuss your build, ideas and requirements and to find out how we can help you!