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About Our Property Maintenance Service

At Property Perfect Solutions Ltd, we have many years of experience in providing property maintenance in Kent and the surrounding areas. Making sure your property maintenance is properly looked after and managed makes a world of difference both for property residents and landlords. It can be the difference between a comfortable family or occupants and a property that is a nightmare to live in.

We are able to manage and maintain all aspect of properties from longstanding issues to ad-hoc requirements that may spring surprises upon your property.

We commonly take care of

routine repairs

Routine Repairs

emergency repairs

Emergency Repairs

residential property maintenance

Residential Property Maintenance

Commercial Property Maintenance

No job is too large or too small for the tradespeople we use and have established strong partnerships with throughout the years. All of the tradespeople we use are tried and tested and have thousands of satisfied customers.

Get in touch with us today and we will provide you with an assessment and a number of detailed quotations from tradespeople in your area, to help you make the best choice for your property.

residential property maintenance

Residential Property Maintenance

Your home is your castle and having a property maintained to the very best standards is more important nowadays than it has ever been. With more people having less time to do ‘odd jobs’ and repairs than ever before due to busy lifestyles, we take the burden off your shoulders and let experts get your property’s condition back on track.

Part of our residential property maintenance services entails providing your property with tradespeople that are best placed to tend to the job at hand and also who know the local area well. Routine residential services to maintain your property include carpentry, decorating, plumbing, electrical work and gardening services. In combination, all of these services and others will ensure your property is maintained to the best standards possible.

all residential properties covered

All Residential Properties Covered

If the residential property in question is one you own and manage, with many tenants calling the property home, maintaining all aspects of the property is crucial. Maintaining and servicing the property means that your tenants will be more inclined to stay, as conditions are maintained to a high standard, making them as comfortable as possible.

It can be very difficult to manage multiple residents’ living spaces, particularly when it comes to larger blocks and developments. Coming to Property Perfect Solutions Limited though, you will be provided with the perfect tradespeople for your project and if necessary, a project manager to oversee everything so you can focus on the running rather than the maintenance of the property.

commercial property maintenance

Commercial Property Maintenance

Commercial property maintenance covers almost all other property types not covered by residential services. These commonly include retail premises, warehouses, restaurants, offices and many other types of properties. We are able to efficiently manage the entire property and its maintenance and unlike many others, we always keep disruption to you and your business to an absolute minimum at all times.

Whether you are a project manager of a commercial property or if you are simply looking to source the best providers of commercial maintenance services for your place of work, everything you need is available in one place from our team.

a bespoke approach

A Bespoke Approach

There are aspects specific to commercial property maintenance that need to be considered and our tradespeople take all into account. For example, air conditioning is more likely to be present in a commercial property in Kent than in a small apartment. Therefore, should the unit or system need repairing, the tradesperson we assign will specialise in this kind of repair work.

Aesthetically, commercial properties’ needs also differ from residential properties, requiring warm but more neutral décor to keep customers and clients happy. When it comes to plumbing and electrics, all of the tradespeople we use have the relevant qualifications such as Corgi, NICEIC and others, giving you the peace of mind that the works carried out are accredited as well as totally hassle free.

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