Improving Your Garden

With a busy lifestyle, a low-maintenance garden is a necessity, but still useable and attractive. Whether you have a large, small or average sized garden, giving it a new lease of life is always beneficial if it is not looking the best it could be. The potential is there, but what should you do and how should you go about it?

Simple things like cleaning your already existing plant pots or getting rid of tired and old plants can actually make the world of difference! Having a tidy garden is the first step.

Things that’s are longer-term and that can add value to your property as a whole are a little more complicated but very worth your while.

Hard landscaping, such as walls patios and pathways, should create “the bones” or framework for the garden and can represent a significant financial investment.

In order to avoid an expensive mistake, many people employ the services of a garden designer. Once the hard-landscaping has been decided upon, a planting plan should be done. Obviously, plants will have to be chosen that are suitable for the location, soil, environment you are living in and prevailing weather conditions. Planting will be a mix of trees, bushes, perennials and annuals. In a very small garden, your choice will be limited, especially as far as trees go. In larger garden, you may be able to plant specimen trees and even have an orchard.

In an ideal garden, environmental concerns should be taken into account. A hedge planted with a mix of native trees and bushes can provide food and shelter for thousands of animals and insects, many of whom will venture into your garden and can be very therapeutic to watch. Many of these hedging plants can produce beautiful blossom in the spring and fruits in the autumn, of great benefit all round!

Water features can also enhance any garden; even a tiny garden can have a simple water feature which can drown out urban noise, replacing it with the soothing sound of tinkling water.

Improving the Property’s Exterior

Clearly, having a well-tended garden enhances the exterior of your home, but there are other things you can do as well.

It is important to maintain any woodwork, such as window frames and doors. Painting them on a regular basis, helps preserve them. If you have UPVC windows and door, these will also need maintaining – they should be cleaned with a proprietary cleaner. Sparkling windows will also enhance the look of your property from the outside.

Door “furniture”, such as your letter box, should also be kept clean and you should make sure that the name or number of your property is clearly visible in both light and dark.
Outside lights can look both smart and create a welcoming glow at night, not to mention providing security.

Repairing any damage – Make sure your gutters are clean, and repaired if need be as this can prevent structural damage. Repairing any cracked or damaged masonry and pointing or render will help to give the impression of a well-cared for property. Repair any slipped or cracked titles on the roof and make sure chimney stacks are kept in good repair.

Why is it Worthwhile?

Improving both your property’s garden and exterior not only gives you a sense of pride in your own home, but increase its “kerb appeal” and therefore you are more likely to:

  • Sell your property more quickly
  • And potentially increase its value significantly

First impressions really count!