Improving Your Property’s Exterior

Improving the exterior of your property definitely has its benefits. Doing so can increase its value, saleability and can overall improve the look of the property. Even if you have a lower budget, improvements made to the exterior of your property can make a huge difference from which you can cash in on all the rewards and enjoy the look of your home from the inside and out.

There are plenty of things you can do to spruce up a house, from smaller to bigger changes. Find out a few things about improving the outside of your property, without breaking the bank and adding value to your home overall.

Improving the Front Door

Make a grand entrance. Your front door is an area which when looking it’s best, can lift the whole appearance of the house. The front door is something everyone who visits you house will see, as well as anyone walks or drives past your house. A nice and welcoming front door is a good way to make good first impressions. Sometimes a book is judged by its cover, and similarly, a house judged by its front door.

Some easy ideas of how to improve your front door:

  • Change the colour
  • If you would rather keep the colour, make sure it is freshly painted and glossed with no chips. This goes for the frame as well – this can get especially damaged over time!
  • A new doorbell or door knocker – you can find some really interesting ones out there!
  • A new letter box
  • A new number or name plate for identification – make sure this is visible and not behind a bush or is too damaged to be read, or you may find that your post could end up somewhere else!

Updating and Building a Porch

As with a front door, the look of a porch is essential to the overall feel of the outside of you home. Everyone who passes by will see it, and those who visit, will walk through it. Adding a porch can create a sense character that may be lacking from the outside of the property, and a bonus is that it can have functional storage qualities.

If you do not have a porch, consider the option of building one. It is very worth considering adding a porch to a house which does not have a hallway, but rather opens up straight into a living area as this will create the illusion of more space, and provide storage.

The Pathway to Success

A pathway can be excellent for decluttering your drive way or leaves and the like. Having a pathway in its own right can make you sweep up the drive way, or clean up your front garden more as you will be aware of a problem when the pathway is no longer visible.

It also provides a nice way from A (the road you live on) to B (your house), which looks nice and purposeful.

If you already have a pathway consider updating it if you notice any cracks in the cement or whatever material it may be. If it is still looking in quite good nick but a little grotty, consider using a high-pressure washer to remove any build ups of dirt and grime.